After 20+ years of running, Jamie knows firsthand that every runner out there has a story to tell. Her goal is to find those stories and share them with others. By spreading these stories, our community can learn, laugh and grow to be better athletes and more insightful individuals.

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Photo Credit: Greg Larson

I’ve been running since five years old. At the time, a teacher in my elementary school went around the school asking all the kids to join his cross country team. After I finally convinced my parents to let me join in on the fun, I never stopped. I tried sports like basketball and softball but none of them compared to running. And with my lack of coordination, I discovered running was the only sport where I could be good at something.

My entire life has revolved around running. There have been times where I absolutely hated the sport and other times where I never wanted stop. I’d beat myself up for not reaching the high expectations I set. While I blamed these high expectations on everyone else but me, there were holidays and birthdays I couldn’t allow myself to enjoy simply because I wasn’t the runner I had envisioned myself I could be. I wanted to be the best and when I wasn’t, I’d get down about it.

The sport eventually became a chore rather than a passion, competing nearly every weekend only to have a good race every now and then. Running began to ware on me and I wanted to quit. But just when I thought I had enough of running, I temporarily moved to Washington, D.C. for six months for an internship program. It was the first time in my life I didn’t have a coach. Or teammates. Or anyone else to answer to. And within just a few weeks of living in the District and running on my own, I regained an entirely new passion for the sport.

After the program, I still had one year left of college to finish but quit the cross country and track team. I realized running on my own allowed me to enjoy the sport without the pressure of competition. But I continued to run on my own and loved the sport even more. The day after graduating college, I completed my first triathlon. A year later, I completed my first marathon. Since then, I’ve regained a new respect and love for racing and have completed eight marathons.

20+ years is a long time to be running when you’re only 26 years old but I’m grateful for every single up and down I’ve experienced along the way because it’s gotten me to where I’m at today.

RRCA Certified Coach


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 I obtained my coaching certification through Road Runners Club of America in August 2014. I offer multiple personalized training plans to help get you closer to achieving your goals. Whether it’s completing your first 5k or third marathon, I can help get you to the finish line. Learn more.



  1. It was great meeting you at the RRCA coaching course! I look forward to setting up a DC bloggers run sometime this summer or fall with Safari and some of the other DC bloggers we know. It will be so fun!

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